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You have now enter into the Headline4ever Vault where you can listen to the Exclusive and Non - Exclusive beats before purchasing. After listen and finding the beat(s) or product(s) that you  desire., head over to our store and make that purchase. 


Within the Headline4ever vault you will find plethora of styles and genre beats made by Headline4ever Records Producers our inventory is full of well crafted masterpieces that was built over the last decade by our team.


With the production team lead by Fuushzion and Savzdestro, Headline4ever Records has created a diverse profile of the genres:

Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, Reggae, Dancehall, Afro Dancehall, Dance, House and EDM. 


HIP HOP/TRAP/TRAP SOUL    DANCEHALL/REGGAE            POP AND RNB                       

Miss Morning

Trap Soul          125 Bpm

Badzilla Riddim
Eyes For U


Call Me with Hook

Hip-Hop / Hook  100 Bpm

Action Pack Riddim

Trap    75 Bpm         

Pay Day Riddim
Sound of Sav

Hip Hop   128 Bpm

Fresh Marley Riddim
Bed of Roses
Astral Journey
Marvin Strobe Riddim
Say It
Ace Spade
Get Silly With It Riddim
Tell Me with Hook
Clock Work
Old Skool
Space Overdrive
VAUT RED 2.png


HIP HOP/ TRAP                          REGGAE/DANCEHALL            DANCE/EDM/HOUSE          

The City
Track Name
Track Name
Trench Mob
Track Name
Track Name
Lemon Tea Sunday
Track Name
Track Name
Big Steppa
Track Name
Track Name
Sip On My Story
Track Name
Track Name
Track Name
Track Name
The Hill Has Eyes
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