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Welcome To Tajh King Academy 

Tajh King Academy is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for our students. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a plan in place to keep students facility and community safe. 

Tajh King Dance Academy Channel

Tajh King Dance Academy Channel


Tajh King Academy has classes for everyone. We offer Introduction classes, Adult classes, Private lesson and Competitions.


We have Virtual classes for everyone and its a plus because we run all year round. We also build Tic tok pages for the students so the can grow their followers, network or even share cool videos with family and friends. The classes will have a fantastic year end recital.

Sign Up With Me TAJH KING and join My Dance Network Team Today.

Tajh King Academy has classes online and in studio for students all ages and levels of Hip Hop, Afro, Dancehall and Theatre Performance. Our instructors are qualified, nurturing and supportive during the sessions. In the dance classes all of our students have equal opportunity

 Email us today to sign up for your first free class.

Vision Statement 

Tajh King Academy is driven to grow student's in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Tajh King Academy is committed to strong fundamentals, technique, passion, self-discipline and team spirt. We embrace the students growth in the wonderful world of dance. Students will overcome challenges in life to achieve their passion and dreams. The classes are dedicated to quality instruction in a safe inviting respectful environment. Students will develop friend-ships, higher level of self-esteem, dedication, and enjoyable love for dance 

Academy Credentials 

  • Tajh King Academy was founded in 2008, after winner of dancehall competition call "Showdown".


  •  Tajh King was apart of a few dance dance companies like Dirty Habitz, Baby Boyz, and MVD is how a lot of experience was gained in the dance industry.

  • Showcases for Auto Car Shows, Bollywood Festivals, City Of Toronto Dance Classes and performances, Talent Shows, Galas, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Live on Breakfast Television, Rogers, Events and parties.

  • I have experience as a background -up stage dancer  with celebrities like Bennie Man, Sample King, Mavado, A- Game, Division, and many more local artist from around the world. 

  • In 2010 Tajh king  was awarded a plaque from Monte Gregory Community Centre for teaching dance for youth. 

  • In 2012 Tajh King opened a live showcase for special host "Mario Lopez" from tv show series called  "Saved By The Bell".

  • Organization and schools were proud to have supported: McGregor Community Centre, Ellesmere Community Centre, Mont Gregory Community Centre, Heron Park Community Centre, Boys and Girls Club Community Centre, Tropicana Youth Centre, Maplewood Public High School, Cardinal Newman Catholic School, and Central Technical School. 

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