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The word "carat" is derived from the carob seed from which the unit is believed to be derived. It was thought that carob seeds had a naturally very tight tolerance with respect to their size and weight, making it an ideal reference for small weights. However, some recent research found that the variation of carob seeds are not too different from any other seed, making them not superior to other seeds.

areeyas word


Preparation and Submission of Manuscripts1. Manuscripts submitted electronically should be sent in MS Word format to Papers should usually be approximately 10,000 words and must be accompanied by an abstract of up to 250 words. See below for referencing style.3. All submissions must contain full contact details (email, postal, telephone) of the corresponding author with institutional affiliations for all contributors. Whereas possible, a link containing the main information about the authors should be provided.4. Further, contributors should provide us with online resources and documentation that are quoted within the paper.Referencing SystemPlease provide footnote citations. Please follow this order to indicate:a. author (initial letter of the first name and Surname)b. title (italic)c. publisherd. where the publication was issuede. publication year

The first time you mention a work, you must provide full publication details. All subsequent notes of the same work can be written in short form (name of the author and op. cit. in italics). All subsequent notes of the same author are to be referred to with the name of the author, title and cit.Images, graphs and tables1. All images including photographs must not be included in the Word file but they should be submitted separately in both doc and xls format.2. Please refer to the images, graphs and tables within the text by making use of the wording Table No. XX around here.3. All images, graphs and tables should be in English and provided with the title and the source4. For tables, it is recommended that you use some sort of background colour like light grey (preferably 20%-grey) for the title row or column of a table, and ensure that the text of titles is in bold.

From past to present, there are no tax judicial interpretation that has clearly distinguished "transport" from "hire of work" or "service". Technically, another word for transport is service of transporting. However, when it comes to withholding tax and VAT under the Thai Revenue Code ("TRC"), transporting does not refer to and does not impose same taxes as "service provision".

One theory suggests that Lahore's name is a corruption of the word Ravāwar, as R to L shifts are common in languages derived from Sanskrit.[6] Ravāwar is the simplified pronunciation of the name Iravatyāwar - a name possibly derived from the Ravi River, known as the Iravati River in the Vedas.[6][7] The suffix"Awar" is a corruption of the Sanskrit word Awarna, meaning fort, and is affixed to many place names in the Subcontinent, such as Peshawar, Sanawar, Bijawar,. 041b061a72

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