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Stellarium Skachat Na Kompiuter \/\/FREE\\\\

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium that can be used on your computer. This software shows the sky realistically in 3D, like what is seen with the eyes, binoculars or telescopes. Here's how to use stellarium on Windows.

stellarium skachat na kompiuter

To access and run scripts in Stellarium, you need toopen the configuration window and click on the scripts tab. Once you'vewritten your own scripts and want to run them, you can place them inthe scripts subdirectory of the user data directory. On Linux machines,the user data directory is $HOME/.stellarium. Once you put your scriptfiles there, along with any textures they may require, they will show upwithin the list of scripts in the configuration window. A plugin architecture also is available, but it is much harder to use, and theAPI varies from version to version. 041b061a72

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