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Steinberg Cubase 7 Serial KEYGEN EVERGON .

Steinberg Cubase 7: Features, Price, and Evergon's Serial Keygen

Steinberg Cubase 7 is one of the most popular and powerful music production software in the world. It offers a wide range of features and tools for composing, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio and MIDI tracks. Cubase 7 is used by professional musicians, producers, and engineers across various genres and styles.

Some of the main features of Cubase 7 are:


  • The MixConsole, which provides a flexible and intuitive mixing environment with full-screen mode, channel zones, drag-and-drop support, and integrated EQ/Dynamics channel strip modules.

  • The Chord Track, which allows you to create and edit chord progressions, harmonize melodies, and generate chord symbols and guitar tabs.

  • The VariAudio 2.0, which enables you to edit pitch, timing, and volume of monophonic audio tracks with a graphical interface similar to MIDI editors.

  • The VST Connect SE 2, which lets you collaborate with other musicians online by recording and mixing remote performers in real time.

  • The VST Amp Rack and VST Bass Amp, which offer realistic guitar and bass amp simulations with multiple cabinets, microphones, and effects.

  • The HALion Sonic SE 2, which is a versatile sound workstation with over 2,500 presets covering a wide range of instruments and genres.

  • The Groove Agent ONE and Beat Designer, which help you create and edit drum patterns and grooves with ease.

  • The LoopMash 2 and Padshop, which are innovative instruments for creating and manipulating loops and granular sounds.

Cubase 7 is available in three editions: Cubase Elements 7, Cubase Artist 7, and Cubase 7. The Elements edition is the most basic version, suitable for beginners and home users. The Artist edition is an intermediate version, ideal for musicians and producers who need more advanced features. The Cubase 7 edition is the most comprehensive version, designed for professionals who demand the highest level of functionality and performance.

The prices of Cubase 7 editions are as follows:



Cubase Elements 7


Cubase Artist 7


Cubase 7


To install Cubase 7, you need a USB-eLicenser (USB dongle) that contains the license for the software. You also need an activation code that is provided on a card in the box or via email if you purchase online. You can use the activation code only once to activate the USB-eLicenser on your computer. If you lose the USB-eLicenser or the activation code, you will not be able to use Cubase 7 anymore.

However, there is a way to bypass the USB-eLicenser and the activation code by using a serial keygen created by Evergon. Evergon is a group of hackers who claim to provide serial numbers for various software products for free. They have released a serial keygen for Steinberg Cubase 7 that allegedly generates valid serial numbers that can be used to install and run Cubase 7 without any restrictions.

The serial keygen for Steinberg Cubase 7 by Evergon can be downloaded from their website. The website claims that the serial keygen is safe and easy to use. It also provides instructions on how to use it. According to the website, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download the serial keygen from the website.

  • Run the serial keygen as administrator.

  • Select your operating system (Windows or Mac).

  • Select your Cubase 7 edition (Elements, Artist, or Cubase).

  • Click on "Generate" button to get a serial number.

  • Copy the serial number and paste it in the installation window of Cubase 7.

  • Enjoy Cubase 7 without any limitations.

The website also provides a video tutorial and a screenshot of the serial keygen in action. The website claims that the serial keygen works for all versions of Cubase 7 and that it is updated regularly to avoid detection by Steinberg.

However, there is no guarantee that the serial keygen for Steinberg Cubase 7 by Evergon is legitimate, safe, or effective. There are several risks and drawbacks associated with using the serial keygen, such as:

  • The serial keygen may contain viruses, malware, or spyware that can harm your computer or steal your personal information.

  • The serial keygen may not work properly or at all, resulting in errors, crashes, or corrupted files.

  • The serial keygen may be detected by Steinberg or other authorities, leading to legal consequences, fines, or penalties.

  • The serial keygen may violate the terms and conditions of Steinberg, resulting in loss of warranty, support, or updates.

  • The serial keygen may compromise the quality, security, or stability of Cubase 7, affecting your music production experience and output.

Therefore, it is strongly advised that you do not use the serial keygen for Steinberg Cubase 7 by Evergon or any other similar tools. Instead, you should purchase Cubase 7 from the official Steinberg website or authorized dealers. By doing so, you will support the developers of Cubase 7 and enjoy the full benefits and features of the software without any risks or drawbacks.

Cubase 7 is a great software for music production that offers a lot of value and potential for your creativity and skills. It is worth investing in Cubase 7 if you are serious about making music and want to achieve professional results. You can find more information about Cubase 7 on the official Steinberg website or on the Steinberg forums. You can also watch some tutorials and reviews of Cubase 7 on YouTube or other platforms. Cubase 7 is a software that can help you make your musical dreams come true.

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