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The Barbie Diaries High School Mystery [HOT]

Parents need to know that the Barbie represented here is not the one with a greatly exaggerated figure. Rather, she is a cute, petite high school girl. Unfortunately, she walks with a runway-model's swish of the hips. Some of the behavior modeled in the game is negative, including a high school girl who lies and is snobby to others. Also, to win the game, Barbie must hack into the school's computers.

The Barbie Diaries High School Mystery

Barbie, the popular doll, takes on the role of detective in THE BARBIE DIARIES: HIGH SCHOOL MYSTERY, based on the straight-to-DVD movie The Barbie Diaries. On the day of her school's \"Battle of the Bands\" competition, Barbie's Charmz band mate receives a threatening text message telling the band to drop out and someone vandalizes their staging area -- and Barbie decides to try to discover who is trying to bungle the battle of the bands. Barbie's path throughout the game is linear, but you have flexibility to explore the high school's seven locations, talk to whom you want, and click on sparkling objects you want to investigate. You go through the game by accomplishing a series of objectives, such as getting information about a specific student by talking to people or solving puzzles.

The Barbie represented in this computer game is a refreshing change from the doll -- she looks like a pretty blonde teen with a normal figure instead of an exaggerated one. And while you still help her choose what she wears to school each morning, dress-up is a minor part of the game. This is a game that requires logic to help Barbie solve a mystery at her high school.

Testers really enjoyed solving this mystery. In addition to talking to characters, players liked the in-game puzzles and extra activities, including designing a necklace for a friend and decorating a friend's locker. A minor complaint was that the fun experience doesn't last long enough. While Barbie isn't a perfect role model -- she hacks into the school's computer -- she does show girls that it's OK to be smart, funny, and good at music.

Families can talk about how the Barbie represented in this software is different from the doll. Is that a good thing or a bad thing, and why? Parents might also want to discuss the part where Barbie hacks into the school computer to solve the mystery. Is it ever OK to break the law? Should Barbie have hacked into the computer or sought help from the school administration?

Big Trouble at the Battle of the Bands!Product InformationBarbie and the members of her band Charmz receive a mysterious warningjust before they enter their high school's battle of the bands petition -"Drop out of the contest or else!" Then when someone mixes uptheir sheet music and ruins their state set Barbie knows she's got a mystery tosolve.With the petition fast approaching help Barbie investigate these bafflingevents. It won't be easy. to unravel the mystery she'll need to gainthe trust and friendship of classmates and teachers all the while struggling tokeep her band together. Will the show go on? It's up to you andBarbie!Product Features Best beauty shot in the game - Barbie with band rocking out! Build friendship levels by talking with classmates and teachers so you can uncover new leads! Explore the school including the classrooms library and cafeteria for evidence of who's behind the trouble. Analyze clues and puzzles to solve the mystery. 041b061a72

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