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Alpha Blondy, Jah Victory Full Album Zip 'LINK'

in the late '90s, rather than play the fool, he chose to be a clown and he made a name for himself doing so. each of the thirteen songs on vision is a finely tuned disaster, and each one is a fable for music lovers who are ready to take it to the streets.

Alpha Blondy, Jah Victory full album zip

excellent production makes for a brilliant album. the vinyls cover is a real eye-catcher and it also includes two vinyl inserts containing a booklet with an interview and photos. one of the album inserts illustrates bourgeois' album cover for jah revenge, which he raps on "forever on the run".

thoughts of underdogs at the time, jah born versus and his team succeed by mostly not giving a damn. they wade through stereotypes, but it doesnt take much effort to guess at the artist who is in control, and theyre not going to give anybody a break. "desafection" is sure to stoke up a pot of good sentiments from those who need a sample, while "rukula ragga" is infused with a giggle and a bittersweet smile.

jah born versus-vindication is the pure indie hip hop album, without compromise. the is no pretense, and the name, jah vs, is used to remind us of the truth theyre saying. jah born versus-vindication is the first of many albums to come, and it creates a compelling case for further exploration of this gorgeous yet controversial music.

"boss twee dub" will make you wanna dance. "dangerous fools," which came out in 1990, was a single that raised eyebrows and already is getting a furore. it features the sumptuous vocals of ismael lo, who was later joined on the album by the always enigmatic alpha blondy. musician and all-round musical enigma ibrahim lo is going places: he is on this excellent album as well.

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