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Way Back Into Love Song [UPD]

"Way Back into Love" is a pop song written by Adam Schlesinger, from the 2007 Warner Bros. Pictures film Music and Lyrics. There are two versions of the song: a demo version performed by Grant and Drew Barrymore and the final version performed by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett. It was used as the love theme in the film, much of whose plot revolves around the writing and arranging of the song.

Way Back Into Love Song

The sky is darkening; the first low rumblings of thunder are still far away on the other side of Cobb Hill. My half-grown white rock chicks, the ones Marsha and I were building a shelter for last month, are slowly gathering themselves in from the cow yard and going back into their house. They love running around the cow yard, pecking at clover and at the bugs that gather round the cow patties. The lovely Jerseys are way out on the Curtis pasture, but they have a cowpath to the barn. They amble back once or twice a day to take a drink, rest in the shadows, and curiously nuzzle the chicks. Sometime they chase the chicks; sometimes the chicks chase them. 041b061a72

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