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HDNight Teeth

Several surgical techniques have been developed to allow our surgeons to reposition the upper or lower jaw or sometimes both. The goals of surgery are to balance the skeleton and the bite thereby improving function, speech, breathing, chewing and esthetics. Once the bone is in the correct position, then the orthodontist can properly finish aligning the teeth. This type of surgery is typically done once skeletal growth is complete.

HDNight Teeth


A second follow up visit to the office will allow us the necessary time to compile the data and create the analysis necessary to determine if corrective jaw surgery is appropriate for you. This will be discussed at length with you and any family members that may come. A demonstration of computer generated surgery on you at that time may be available. This also takes about an hour.Pre-Surgical OrthodonticsA visit to the orthodontist is the next step in the process in preparation for orthognathic surgery. The doctor will place appliances (braces) on your upper and lower teeth to align and level them into the correct position within the bone. Typically it takes any where from 6 to 12 months of preparation. During that time we will be checking on you periodically to see the progress of tooth alignment so that we may plan ahead for your surgical date. Almost all patients having corrective jaw surgery require pre-surgical orthodontic preparation to align the teeth so when the jaw is set, the dental occlusion is correct. The orthodontic appliances are placed before surgery and stay on during and after. Dental elastics between the upper and lower braces are used like a soft cast to guide the jaw into its new position. Unlike in the past, the jaws do not have to be wired shut. This is because of the use of titanium plates and screws which stabilize the jaw.Final Records and Treatment Plan DevelopmentOnce the alignment of the teeth is accomplished you will come back to us for a final surgical work up. At this time we will be taking new records. We will create a scale model of your jaws and perform the surgery to create guides to use in the operating room. This allows us to navigate through your surgery smoothly and precisely position the bones into the correct position.SurgeryThe operation takes place in one of the many hospitals we are affiliated with. The average length of stay for jaw surgery is one night.Post-Op ConvalescenceOnce the surgery is completed the bones that have been repositioned at this point are healing into their new location. It takes 8 weeks for the bone to be hard enough to return to full function. Thus a diet of liquid to soft consistency is necessary so as not to traumatize the delicate healing bone. Your physical activity will be limited to no strenuous activity for a period of time, depending on the surgical procedures performed.Post-Surgical OrthodonticsWhen the bones are stable the orthodontist can resume aligning the teeth for a ideal fit. Orthodontic retainers are used to maintain stability of the bone and the bite as the final stage of orthodontic treatment.Testimonial VideosContact us today to schedule an appointment. 041b061a72

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