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Malayalam New Movie ##BEST## Full

Janaki is one of the emerging actresses in Malayalam. She has done notable roles in movies like 'Chunks', 'Chanakya Thanthram', 'Oru Yamandan Pranayakadha' and more. She has also acted in TV serials like 'Eeran Nilavu' and 'Thenum Vayambum'.

malayalam new movie full

The Ini Utharam movie has an amazing storyline that drives the audience to think beyond their imaginations. The movie beautifully connected all the scenes carefully and has critically highlighted the role of media and politics in our lives.

The Ini Utharam movie is written by Ranjith Unni and further the movie is produced by Arun and Varun. The magical storyline is then screened by famous actors on the screen like Aparna Balamurali as Janaki Ganesh, Harish Uthaman as SP Ilavarasan, Kalabhavan Shajohn as CI Karunan, Siddique as Varkala and Dineshan Chandhunadh as SI Prashanth Varma.

The movie starts with a woman surrendering herself to the police. The woman is a doctor by profession and the protagonist of the story. The role of Janaki Ganesh, the main character is played by Aparna Balamurali. The surrender of Janaki however does not convince the police and therefore the police start the thorough investigation of the case.

In the start of the movie, Dr. Janaki set the scene in motion, and it felt like the whole story was revolving around Janaki only. However, after a while in the film, we see another important character Harish Uthaman as SP Ilavarasan. The Tamil-Malayalam speaking police officer, Harish has then received most of the scenes covered.

Later in the movie there is an involvement of media and politics into the case, which completely changes the case and status of the case. The case soon becomes a mysterious woman led thrilling drama.

The movie is very amusing. It has reflected crime, drama, thrill and the storyline is tinged with a love story in the first half of the movie. The movie has perfectly represented its two main characters, SP Ilavarasan and Dr. Janaki. The personality of both the protagonists matches their respective roles assigned.

The dialogue delivery has been excellently done alongside Harish is appreciated more for depicting in a way that accurately captures the unpredictable nature of his character. The powerful, screen-dominating Harish has uplifted the value of most of the scenes in the movie.

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